Arroyo Burro Beach in Santa Barbara

“Play That Sax” Outtakes in Roswell

Car ferry in Louisiana (+ surprise boat horn!)

One of these bit me in the night ewwwwww!!! (Georgia)

What is this witchcraft? (Roanoke Island)

Before they made me turn my phone off 😉  (Rainbow Cactus Company)

The vogueing!!!

The boat to New Jersey (great family time for all!)

These guys (watch Paul)

Wedding music ❤

Behind the scenes

Wifeyyysssss (in Montreal)

Hannah’s on a boat

The boat (plus secretly trying to take a video of Hannah’s love)

Canadian radio lololol “The Moose”

Having a moment in Riding Mountain National Park

A long video of me swimming in the dead sea of Canada and then being really excited about how awesome it is (Little Manitou Lake)

We made it to the Rockies!!

This went on for like 10 minutes and I found it really hilarious

Icefields Parkway (I know kinda dangerous, but pics weren’t doing it justice)

Little monkeys in Portland

The Story of Stella in Three Parts (directed by Marlowe Grace)
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The final plunge in the Yuba River! You can’t tell but the water was realllllly cold so this felt like a bigger deal (not pictured: the dog who tried to save me)

Quail! (Bodega Bay)