Days 58 – 63 – Ukiah and Home!

We’re back! We got to moms early Thursday evening and it was sooooo nice to feel back home. Stella really made the most of it:

moms - stella bed

***Stella out***

We hung out at moms for a few days and did fun things like shop for a new recliner for her, watch a bunch of movies, and take Stella to the park.

moms - snapchat


That Saturday, Laurel and Lydia were in the Bay Area for Olivia’s bachelorette!! I drove down to Point Reyes to hang out with them and it was soooo good to have some friend time.

Saturday night, my eyes started itching and I thought “uh oh.” I regularly get poison oak when I go to visit my mom (we think there’s some poison oak oil somewhere in her place) and this time I ended up with one of the worst cases I have ever had. I woke up on Sunday and my eyes were so swollen I could barely open them. We went to urgent care and they gave me a shot of steroids in my butt but it didn’t do anything! Luckily my doctor was able to call in a prescription for steroids to Ukiah so I could get started on them. Poison oak is the worrrrssttttt. Here’s a really scary picture of me which you should skip if you don’t want to see me looking like a monster! (But also I kinda look like Richard Gere, right?)


***oh gawwwwd***

Steroids did the trick and my ridiculous face swelling went down just in time for my homecoming. We headed back to Treasure Island on Wednesday, August 31st. The SF skyline had gotten together with TI to throw us a sky party in honor of our return!

sf - sunset no filter

***Can’t beat this backyard view***

What an adventure! I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity and resources to take this trip for myself and deeply grateful to everyone who put me up along the way.

If I had to name one takeaway from this trip, it’s that life is really about the relationships we have. The parts of my trip I remember the most were the times spent with family and friends (old and new). Also, as an only child who really needs and appreciates her alone time, I was surprised to realize how limiting solo experiences can be. I pride myself on being hyper self-reliant and independent. But this trip showed me that, while that option is always available to me, I don’t have to always choose it. Self reliance is great, but shared reliance is where the real fun is. ❤


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