Days 47-48 – Vancouver

Stella and I pulled into Vancouver a little before dinner time and headed to this random pet friendly motel to unpack for the night. I was going OUT so I wanted to make sure Stella had a good spot to post up and wait for me.

I headed to Commercial Drive aka the gayborhood to start the night. I got food and a beer at Cafe Deux Soleils, because according to this blog, that’s where the queer ladies are at. There was live music and a lovely atmosphere. A woman sitting next to me also seemed to be on her own so I worked up my nerve to start a conversation. Her name was Marie and she was in Vancouver for a few weeks as a part of her continuing world travels. Originally from Corsica, she had been traveling for about 10 years and was currently working odd jobs to save to buy a plot of land in Peru. You never know who you’ll meet!

Marie was also a self-proclaimed queer so we decided to head downtown and check out the gay spots. Downtown Vancouver is gay FRIENDLY. Just look at this sidewalk:

vancouver gay

***Excuse me, I’m walking queer***

Ok so the only problem with my plan was that is was a Monday night and nothing was bumping. There was a great strip of clearly super gay clubs, but no one was in them! Marie and I made our own fun playing with her light ball twirly things (these!). That is until I accidentally hit a light with one and the bouncer guy asked us to stop and we figured it was time to be heading out anyway.

The next day was gorgeous and Stella and I took full advantage. We started at Hadden Park which as an off-leash dog area with a POND and a WATERFALL and then also this view:

vancouver dog park

***Good moooorning Vancoouuuver***

Then we headed to the waterfront area for the great views and to meet up with Marie (who brought me a muffin!).

vancouver waterfront

***Vancouver does views right***

Marie had to go and do some work on the boat she was working on at the moment which was docked on Granville Island. Granville Island is a spot to see in Vancouver so Stella and I headed over with her and explored the marketplace while Marie did her boat duties.

granville island faces

***Public works — of art***

granville island

***The market! I appreciate that the kind stranger to my right is pointing to the very things I was interested by — these long grapes called “fingerling grapes.” Tres bizarre.***

granville market 2

***I’m just gonna give you a minute to read the descriptions of these raviolis because damn…. (don’t miss the chestnut)***

granville market 3

***And a trip to Granville Island Market would not be complete without some hella gay cake***

gay boat

***And a hella gay boat!***

marie on a boat

***Hey, there’s Marie!***

After boat/market time, we headed to Wreck Beach, a clothing optional beach on the tippy tip of Vancouver, right near the University of British Columbia. We had to walk down a million stairs to get there. It was very secret garden-esque.

stairs to wreck beach

***descending into the wilds***

The beach was gorgeous and we had a most fabulous time sunning ourselves and making friends with the very funny naked people around us (one of whom was there with his coworkers and had never been naked with them before — or naked in public — and had gotten VERY drunk to compensate for his discomfort and was running around yelling about how he was worried his penis was getting sunburned and telling women that they had beautiful breasts, which was ONLY ok because he was gay and if I have to explain that to you get off my blog!). There were people walking by and selling beer and different bits of food and we lounged the afternoon and early evening away in bliss.

When the sun went down, everyone howled, which sounds really bizarre in theory but in actuality was pretty amazing.

wreck beach sunset


Stella and I couldn’t afford to stay another night in Vancouver, and there was a viable campground just across the U.S. border so, soon after the sun set, we said goodbye to Marie, Vancouver, and Canada and reluctantly re-entered the United States.

Next time: family fun in the PNW.



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