Days 45-47 – British Columbia

Come Friday, I was ready to post up somewhere steady for the weekend and get a break from the road. Our home for the weekend was Lac le Jeune campground outside of Kamloops. Aside from the lack of showers, it was the perfect respite spot for the weekend.

Stella and I spent Saturday doing yoga, lounging, reading and writing in our own little section of Canadian lake beach.

lac le jeune


In keeping with the vast majority of Canada, this campground was extremely dog friendly. They even recommended hikes for us!

BC so dog friendly

***So thoughtful <3***

In the afternoon we ventured into Kamloops for some internet, a short jaunt around the town and a DONUT!



One of the things I learned on this trip is what food is easy to make on the road/camping. The answer is… mostly eggs and definitely only things you can cook in one pan. I became an expert at this onion, spinach, avocado scramble. Put it in a tortilla with Siracha mayo and you’ve got yourself a satisfying meal.

camp meals

***Chef Raquel***

Saturday night we built a fire and drank whiskey under the stars. It was beautiful.

Sunday was our leave day 😦 It was only a few hours to Vancouver so we had time for a little more lake lounging and to do one of those recommended hikes.


***so pretty***

There was a ranger luncheon going on and they invited me to share in a hamburger! I got a little road sustenance before heading out again.

Although I was excited for Vancouver, I felt sad leaving the Canadian wilderness behind me. I felt like I was re-entering society which meant I had crossed over to the far side of my trip and was truly headed home. Traveling and camping alone is not easy, but being that far removed from things allows for a peace that is hard to find when you’re surrounded by other people. I felt a loss knowing I was leaving that behind.

BC Bears

***me and the candian wilderness hugging goodbye***

Next time: Vancouver vancouver, what a fabulous adventure.


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