Days 39-42 – Sasketchewan and Alberta

The first thing to know about Sasketchewan is that there is EXCELLENT cell service. Manitoba is no friend to an outside cellphone plan. Immediately after I crossed the border my phone bars went ZOOM. I was happy to be connected to the world again.

Sasketchewan furthered Manitoba’s plain theme and took it to new levels. It was sky for days…


***fer dayzzzz***

The second thing to know about Sasketchewan (third? I lost count) is that it is home to Little Manitou Lake, a lake in the middle of nowhere that is THREE TIMES saltier than the Dead Sea. As someone who has always wanted to know what it feels like to float in water without moving I was really excited about this.

little manitou lake

***There she is!***

There is a great small campsite close to the lake that Stella and I stayed at for the night. It was raining when we go there and was a little late and cold for swimming, so we set up camp and decided to wait for the following day for our dippy times.

The next day dawned bright and clear and Stella and I made our way down to the beach.

lake manitou

***heading into the salty deep***

It was the middle of the day on a Tuesday so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. I floated around very happily in the perfectly temperatured, bouyant water and watched some older folks do what appeared to be their morning routine: vigorous shoreline movements and stretches followed by laps out to a buoy and back. I have this feeling those guys will live forever.

Before leaving town, we checked out the two main sites in town: 1) the spa with hot water springs fed by the lake where I did some solid soakage (yesssss lifffeeee) and 2) this gem:


***not pictured: dance floor made of real horse hair!!!***

Little Manitou Lake did not disappoint. Happy and relaxed, we headed towards Calgary, Alberta.


***Somewhere in the plains of Canada***

We arrived in Calgary late that night and splurged on a dog friendly motel. I planned to camp in Banff the next few nights and we were in pretty desperate need of a washing machine so Motel 8 was just the spot.

I got some good advice from the motel desk guy about dog friendly parks in the area and the next day we checked out a few before heading towards Banff.


***Calgary aka “Cowtown” as seen from the dog park***

creek outside calgary

***some dramatic Alberta clouds for you in another awesome off leash area (Canada really knows how to treat their dogs, you guys)***

At this point, we were so close to Banff it was torture!! We pushed west another hour and finally got our first glimpse of the Canadian Rockies…

swimming in front of the rockies

***Adventure dog!***

Next time: a whole lot of pictures of mountains and glacier lakes.


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