Days 32-34 – Montreal!

Sunday morning, Hannah and I set off from the wedding site headed for Canad with the plan to spend three days and two nights exploring the beautiful city of Montreal.

adventurers with hannah

***Our band of adventurers enjoying our first creek/pee break!***

The customs line was stupid long but we made great use of our time listening to to the Empire Records soundtrack and prank texting Laurel hehehehe.


***Canada is popularrrrr***

customs line

***Trying to be very serious so the border agents won’t be suspicious of us***

customs badass driver

***A girl’s gotta drive***

We got into Montreal too late to do anything but find some food for dinner. Hannah found this great bodega that sold easy to make Indian food, so we loaded up and brought it home. Look how cute my wifey is!

wifey dinner

***Our perfect welcome to Montreal meal***

On Monday we lounged around the house for a little before heading out to explore the city. Our Airbnb was located close enough to Old Montreal that we got to do a lovely little walking tour on our way to the main attractions. We found some very important landmarks including:

bell montreal

***This Bell phone booth which is very important because that is Lydia’s last name***

DQ hannah

***A Dairy Queen which is very important because Paul used to work there***

titanic montreal

***A sign that says Titanic which is VERY important because both Paulie and Hannah are obsessed with the Titanic***

ce moment

***A sign in french and english which is important because I thought it was cute***

Finally we arrived at our brunch spot of choice, Olive and Gourmando. There was a bit of a wait so we debated going to eat somewhere else, but I am SO GLAD we did not because this place…

hannah bfast

***Round 1: The best lemon scone I have had in my life + wildberry bar + coffee***

bfast 2

***Round 2: DRANKS! A spritz and a take on a bloody mary that was bombbbb. Hannah didn’t like one and the other we learned had clamato in it so I drank both… pooor me***

bfast 3

***Round 3: Food! A freaking fantastic salad (I’m sorry to say I don’t remember exactly what was in it) and some homemade ricotta with a tomato salad and fresh made butter bread wowowow***

After our massive brunch, we needed to walk it off. Luckily we were in Old Montreal which is beautiful and filled with interesting things to see. Of course, we hit up the Basilica…


***Like Disneyland for God***
basilica from below

***Peeping those towers***

Then we decided to go on a boat tour because Hannah is NO LONGER AFRAID OF BOATS! It was a great thing we went on this boat tour because Hannah met the lady love of her life who not only took our tickets, but also led the tour. Beautiful and Boss.

hannahs gf

***Here she comes in all her glory. We did not order those waters but we did take pictures of her like the big creeps that we are!***

We met some fun boat friends who talked to us the entire ride. I was not into it, but Hannah was nice and used the opportunity to practice her french! I was happy that they took this cute photo of us:

ferry boaters

***Out here boat creepin***

montreal view

***Montreal tres belle!***

We were pooped after all the walking and boating, so we got some ice cream to power us through the souvenir store and back up the hill to our home where we had some wonderful snuggle/chill time before heading out for the night.

hannah and stella 2

***These guysssss***

We got a late start to the evening (I think we were still recovering from the wedding) so our options for dinner were limited and we ended up at a late night Chinese food place. The food was decent but the people-watching was on point. After dinner we headed to Le Mal Necessaire for some delicious tiki drinks. I highly recommend the namesake drink which comes in a giant tiki glass and tastes like frozen horchata but with rum. My goodness.

going out

***Ladies leave your dog at home***

We got home not too late and not too drunk, so we were able to make the most of our last day in Montreal by rising early and heading to a super cool nearby neighborhood with an array of baked goods and cute shops. We bought and ate all of the breakfast breads (chocolate croissant, canelé, brioche, etc.) then wandered around for a bit (Hannah found the new Harry Potter in stock!) before heading up for an urban hike in Mont Royal Parc.

detour rachel

***Montreal gets it***

***A most fabulous t-shirt shop***

hannah and stella mont royal

***Hannah and Stella atop the royal mountain***

hannah montreal view

***True story/fun fact: Montreal derives it’s name from some guy who “discovered” it, climbed this mountain and named in Mont Royal because it was so beautiful.***

After Mont Royal, it was time to drop my beloved Hannah at the airport. We had such a great time together and it was hard to say bye to her 😦 But we will have many more adventures together I know! (Currently planning the next round in Santa Barbara eee!!)

hannah stella car

***These are a few of my favorite things***

I was also NERVOUS because dropping Hannah off at the airport marked the start of my great solo trek across Canada, dum dum dum! We’ll get into that next time so look forward to lots of pictures of trees!


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