Days 16-18 – Friend time in NC!

At about 11pm on Friday night, Stella and I arrived in Carrboro, NC to a lovely greeting by Lana and Omari, our hosts for the weekend. I had a glass of wine and Stella lounged on the carpet while we caught up before hitting the hay in our most comfortable convertible couch bed situation.

The next day, our tour of the area began, starting off with breakfast at Weaver Street Market, then a hike out to the Eno River so Stella could get some swim time in.

me and lana

***Reunited and it feels so good***

It was beautiful, but the mosquitos were REAL, and also Omari had organized a Pokemon Go meet up in Durham, so we jumped back in the car and headed to the nearby city of Durham for some civilization.

Let me tell you, I got an education in Pokemon Go. Omari, Lana’s wonderful partner who I had the pleasure to meet on this trip, is super into it and wrote this bomb article about his reality as a black man playing Pokemon Go. I’m not gonna lie, I downloaded it and am kinda into it too! Those little things are cute and weird and it’s fun to turn on the app and see one sitting in the middle of your friend’s kitchen…

We had a drink among the Pokemon Go-ers at Atomic Fern, a super cute bar with many board games before wandering off to Full Steam Brewery for some food truck deliciousness and more good times. Then we headed home for a rest before our evening on the town.

Lana and Omari showed me around Chapel Hill that night, starting with some delicious friedness and cocktails at Linda’s. I had the Summer Salad drink which was everything. Then we headed to the beautiful bar Lantern for a nightcap before bed and we found this little guy!!

pokemon go

***Gotta catch em all!***

Sunday started off with a Gaga dance workshop that Lana had organized. Guys. Click on the link and watch a video. This dance is crazy! We were told to imagine our bootys were juicy and that we had chocolate in our mouths. It was quite the delicious experience.

Post-gaga we went to Boheme for one of the best brunches I’ve had. I fully recommend going here when in the area. Their take on Bloody Marys (pictured here) made with fresh golden tomatoes was actually the most delicious Bloody Mary I’ve ever had. I ordered the crab toast and now I have to stop talking about it because I just want to go back.

lana and omari.jpg

***Awwww you guysssss***

Lana and I chilled Sunday afternoon and went for a swim in her lovely apartment complex’s pool. Sunday evening, my gorgeous hosts took me out in Carrboro (the town they live in right next to Chapel Hill), starting with salads and wine at Tru and then drinks at The Crunkleton where we met the most hilarious mother/son pair. The son said he was there with his mom and I could not tell if he was messing with us because he looked about 24 and his mom looked about 30. I didn’t believe him until we were leaving and I asked his “mom” if it was true and she said yes. She was actually approaching 50. Go figure! I wish I had gotten a picture of them, but they did do us a favor and took this super cute picture of the three of us:

omari, me, lana.jpg

***I miss these guys already***

Thanks for the good times friends! I will definitely be back.

Next up: Outer Banks adventures and gay gayness in Virginia Beach!


One thought on “Days 16-18 – Friend time in NC!

  1. Great post, beautiful people, BUSY days!! Loved Omari’s article . . . sad that it’s so true. Arghhh! (Hey, I didn’t see any pics of the dog-face.)


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