Days 10-12 – The cuzzies take Austin

First morning in Austin (Saturday) I wake up and Stella is all…

wake up stella.jpg

***oh hey whatchu doing i’ve just been watching you sleep all night so what are we doing today and can we go play fetch right now k thanks i love you forever and ever and…***

After I tore myself away from my dog’s loving gaze, Chrissy made us a fantastic breakfast of french toast with almonds and fresh berries, coffee and OJ and we chilled at the house for awhile, talking and going through old letters our grandparents wrote to each other during World War II. These letters are truly amazing — the love our grandparents express, the bits of life they share that are so foreign to us now, and the drama of their story! My grandpa was captured as a POW by the Germans while my grandma was pregnant with her first child (Chrissy’s dad, Uncle Jim). There are a series of letters grandma wrote that were returned to her because grandpa was MIA, but she continued to write him every day and held out hope that he would come home safely (which he did and then they had many more babies and those babies had babies and those cousin babies looove each other). Chrissy and I are hoping to eventually get the letters together in some type of organized way to share their story with people, so look forward to that in the probably distant future.

cousin bfast.jpg

***I’m not sure what is happening in this picture but look at that bomb breakfast. Maybe Chrissy was showing off the matching pink bracelets Paula and I made out of ties that fell off my swimsuit***

letters coffee dogs.jpg

***Letters, coffee, dogs. That’s Chrissy’s dog Chelsea aka Chell Chell aka Chelly on the right. Props to Chrissy for the classy photography.***

And then, it was wig time. If you are ever in Austin, you must stop by Coco Coquette for a wig session. They also sell amazing vintage lingerie and some truly bizarre accessories the likes of which I have not seen elsewhere. I’ll let the wig pics speak for themselves.

paula wig 1

***We learned on this day that Paula looks exceptionally good in brightly colored wigs***

the wiggets.jpg

***We also learned that camp runs deep in the Mason bloodlines***

too sexy for our wigs.jpg

***New album dropping soon***

wigs in car

*** ❤️  ***

After wig time we had to say bye bye to Paula and rush her off to the airport 😦 Then Chrissy and I headed home to have some chill time before going out for the night. We met up with her lovely friend Leeza for dinner (prosciutto pizza, clams and wine yummmm) before going to see Patricia Vonne at the Continental Club. She gave an awesome show and we danced our little butts off.

My original plan was to leave on Sunday, but by the time Sunday came I felt like my visit was barely getting started. I decided to postpone a day which was a great decision. On Sunday we had some much needed chill time. We read and lounged in Chrissy’s bed and then Chrissy took me to cool off at Barton Springs Pool (another must visit when in Austin).

stella bed time.jpg

***Snuggle supreme***

barton springs.jpg

***Barton Springs = summertime at its best***

Sunday night, Chrissy and I headed into the hills for some tacos and Mexican Martinis (yum). Austin marked my last planned stop on the first leg of my journey, and by Sunday night I realized I was not ready to head in to the wilds quite yet. So I postponed another day to give myself time to prep for days of car camping with Stella.

Monday was spent running errands with a time out for a swim break at the pond near Chrissy. Monday night, Chrissy and I had some sweet quality time watching The Kids Are All Right in her bed. I love my cuzzie. It was very hard to leave Tuesday morning, especially going off into the unknown… but Stella and I were ready for some solo adventures.

swimming in austin.jpg

***Until next time, Austin***


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