Days 6 and 7 – Grills, Pools and Hair Dye in the ABQ

Stella and I arrived in Albuquerque Monday night to a 4th of July party in full swing at Aunties Beth and Helen’s. I grabbed a beer and caught up with the family while Stella ran around sniffing everything. There was a fabulous fireworks display complete with interpretive smoke dancing courtesy of Ms. Paula Mason…

Paula smoke dance (1).jpg

***What style, what grace***

After everyone left, Beth, Helen, Paula and I went for a swim in their luxurious backyard pool before turning in for the night.

We had some much needed chill time at the house the next morning. Beth worked from home so we could hang out and nurse our hangovers together and Helen came home for the afternoon. I got some sweet auntie love in the form of home cooked food, lots of listening to me talk about my life, and laundry! I love my aunties. Paula and I took Stella to the park in the afternoon, then we had time for one more dip in the pool before heading over to cousin Sarah’s for a cousin sleepover party.

stella pool.jpg

***eyes on the prize***

After a most delicious dinner of BLTA tortilla wraps and a gorgeous sunset walk along the Arroyo to a nearby park, we wheeled Sarah’s old TV set into the living room and settled in to watch the Goonies (which, believe it or not, I had never seen before).

sarah walk.jpg

***Dexter the Dog, Sarah, and Stella en route to the park***


hanging out

***Oh you know… just hangin out***

abq sunset

***That ABQ sunset though…***

cousin couch love.jpg

***Stella, Rachel, Paula, Paula’s most polite finger, Dexter, and Sarah. HEY YOU GUUUYYYSSSS***

Sarah and I chilled the next morning before heading out on our obligatory Walmart run. Unlike the last two times we’ve gone to Walmart, we were NOT drunk, which was a very good thing because I would have bought a lot of awesome sparkly stuff that 1) I don’t need and 2) wouldn’t have fit in my car anyway! I did buy a very cool rainbow beach mat with an attached pillow and buttons and a strap because come onnnnn. (Pic coming soon.) We also bought several sweet pool floaties including one covered in sharks!

After Walmart, Sarah took me to her truly awesome private practice office. We had a MacGyver moment when we discovered that her office door was locked and there was no way to get in from the outside! But we are tough, smart, prepared Masons, so Sarah grabbed her travel screwdriver from the car and we maneuvered around to get that whole handle off so we could get inside!

Sarah has tons of awesome candy and toys and prizes in her office so I had funnnnn. She let me eat a Milky Way and gave me a chapstick that says “You Are Loved.” I really am!

After replacing the doorknob and leaving a note that said “DO NOT LOCK” we headed to Walgreens for, yep, some pink hair dye. Because it is not a visit with Sarah unless something ridiculous happens.

Back at Sarah’s house it was finally time for pool time!! We floated around and had some cuz time before Aunties Janet and Becky and cousin Paula showed up for some floating, grilling and quality time. Dying a streak of hair pink was REQUIRED for attendance at our grill party and we were very happy that everyone chose to participate in the required activity 🙂

sarah hairdresser.jpg

***the head hairdresser at Chez Sarah prepares her station***

miami moment

***having a Miami moment before we added in the pink***

cousin alien communication.jpg

***Post-pool time, mid-hair dye communication with extraterrestrial beings***

pink hair family.jpg

***Pink haired family cuteness – me, Aunt Becky, Sarah, Paula***

After dinner and another gorgeous sunset walk, I headed home with Janet and Becky to spend a few short hours with them before bed and heading out of town early the next morning.

janet and becky.jpg

***My wonderful Aunties Janet and Becky***

I almost forgot the most important thing! Somewhere in the time when we were hanging at Beth’s, someone suggested that Paula should come with me to Austin! We all looked at each other trying to think of any reason in the world that should not happen and unanimously agreed that that was a fabulous idea.

So early Thursday morning (**early** being used very loosely here) our tiny crew of adventurers grew to three for a two night romp through the weird wilds between Albuquerque and Austin. More to come on that next time…

aunt beth.jpg

***Auntie Beth wishing us goodbye and good luck. Please note the appropriateness of her t-shirt. Aunt Helen couldn’t be there to see us off so I didn’t get a pic with her but I love you Aunt Helen!!**



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